The airline industry has changed the life and way of business in an extensive way by drastically reducing the travel time and changing the concept

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Heli Operators

Helicopters and rotor crafts have evolved as an important sector in aviation industry with lot of technology innovations happening and new product

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Commercial Airlines

The airline industry involves multiple flight operations, large number of customers, deals with millions in investment, expenditure and revenue.

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Low Cost Airlines

Low Cost carriers are the mode of commercial operations that require highly efficient work process with minimal investment.

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Codea Technologies Aviation on Cloud

Codea Technologies Aerospace & Defense includes business-specific, scalable ERP solutions tailored especially for A&D companies. Codea Technologies Aero space and Defence is designed, keeping in mind the volatile market dynamics of the industry, ensuring that their IT infrastructures align with their business strategies. Codea Technologies Aerospace & Defense can play a vital role in making you more efficient and profitable, helping you respond proactively to customer demand. The escalating costs and market complexity create a big challenge to the industry now-a-days. Our tailor-made industry-specific capabilities will enhance your competitive advantage, and help you to meet your business goals easily.

The Codea Technologies Aerospace & Defense Competitive advantage
Our customers use Codea Technologies Aerospace & Defense for:

It does not matter if you are new to outsourcing or not. What scares most corporate in starting up with a new outsourcing partner is the communication issue. How do I transfer my requirements, and how detailed do they have to be? Will the guys at the other end of the globe really understand them?

  • Improving responsiveness to customer needs
  • Manufacturing processes optimization
  • Improving services and product innovation
  • Efficient Collaboration both internally and externally
  • Managing global macro-economic factors
  • Strengthening customer relationships
  • Increasing supply chain efficiency
  • Regulatory Compliance and accounting procedures

Solutions for Aerospace & Defense

Codea Technologies AD is the most powerful, full-featured manufacturing ERP solution available for the Aerospace and Defence industry. It is capable of managing the demands of complex, global operations and proven efficient in engineering-based industries, like automotive, equipment, high tech and electronics, and aerospace and defense. It is the best comprehensive manufacturing solution that supports all of the production processes commonly found in modern manufacturing, from design through delivery and beyond. It offers a single source for all your data, from production through distribution and more.

Codea Technologies AD gives you better authority in every aspect of your operation with its industry- specific capabilities that ensures best methods for managing the intricate demands and challenges of the industry. Changes are inevitable and Codea Technologies AD helps you fine tune your business process easily to the changes, thereby helping you to move forward without affecting your production and profitability.

What is Codea Technologies AD

Codea Technologies AD is an ERP solution designed for complex manufacturing, equipped to respond quikly to the demand and supply dynamics across the global operations, thereby providing excellent operational performance in your manufacturing plants, and logistic services.

Codea Technologies AD supports processes in manufacturing operations, and covers all areas of business including proposal management, program management, order management etc. Codea Technologies AD can run on any major database, operating system or hardware platform, providing maximum flebility to implement and deploy in manufacturing operations of any type.

Codea Technologies AD provides you:

  • Better responsiveness to demand and supply dynamics
  • Cost reduction
  • Project management integration
  • Accurate projection of financial results
  • Better Service Management
  • Ability to create unique product configurations

What it does

Codea Technologies AD helps you improve efficiency of your business, providing better control across your global operations. Codea Technologies AD, designed with thorough focus on core industries, delivers the powerful and best solution available with unique capabilities, which includes:

  • Operation Management for manufacturing that increase operational efficiency and help respond to market changes
  • Supply chain management
  • Sales Order management
  • Financial management that helps predicting accurate financial results
  • Customer relationship management
  • Inventory Management
  • Project management
  • Quality management that provides control, consistency, and predictability
  • Service management
  • Helps in product design and engineering data mangement
  • Helps in enterprise modeling

Codea Technologies AD can be made suitable to your business with very few modifications and it offers maximum flexibility. It is enabled with new technologies to enhance your user experience and productivity which includes the following,

  • Accessible on mobile- hence access to data anywhere, anytime
  • Social business features
  • Integration to all systems in the premise
  • Flexible architecture that helps define your processes
  • Better Control over global operations
  • Product Configuration Management to better estimate production cost

What it means

Codea Technologies AD helps you improve your operational performance and equip you to better respond to changes. Codea Technologies AD gives you a solution whereby you could have:

  • Enhanced control over finance, operations, inventory, and capacity.
  • Efficient Inventory management
  • Ability to identify and respond to changes in supply chain quickly and can increase revenue
  • Better supply chain management which will improve delivery performance
  • Reduced production cycle time and avail market entry advantage of new products
  • Maximum flexibility to change manufacturing methods to suit your business

Codea Technologies AD is a unique manufacturing ERP solution, designed to help businesses manage the complexities in every field of operations from design through delivery and more. It offers maximum flexibility so that you can have a solution which suits your business in every respect.