Commercial Airlines

The airline industry involves multiple flight operations, large number of customers, deals with millions in investment, expenditure and revenue. Hence the industry has to deal with large amount of data to manage the complex demands which requires a large system that could manage everything. The Codea Technologies Aviation suite helps airlines to meet this need to manage, improve and expand their business processes thereby maximizing the productivity at lower cost. This industry specific solution focuses on improving information access across various business functions which helps in decision making.

The Suite is a business specific, web- centric solution that offers maximum flexibility in terms of installation. It can be installed at the business premise or on-Cloud within a secure, modern, reliable framework.

Codea Technologies Aviation Suite covers entire range of maintenance operations from maintenance planning, engine maintenance and technical records. It also deals with Human Resource Management, Inventory management, Finance management, maintenance, Sales etc. It offers an advanced analytic tool which helps you to measure, monitor and manage your business growth. The Codea Technologies Aviation suite is designed in such a way that it is easily adaptable to changes in business processes and industry.

Codea Technologies Aviation suite Advantage:

  • Effective Business process improvements, Operational Management and Financial Management
  • Effectively tracking the life of aircrafts and their components
  • Helps in complying with regulatory report submission requirements
  • User customizable reports available meeting the standard periodic and monthly reporting requirements