Quiq POS


  • Restaurant Billing,
  • Food Courts Billing,
  • Stores & Inventory, Accounts Receivable,
  • Accounts Payable, MIS Reports,
  • SMS Management, Bar Billing &
  • Bar Stock Management,
  • Touch Screen Food Courts Billing,
  • TABLET KOT & Billing etc

Codea Technologies is a Customer Oriented Software Development company, a team of dedicated professionals with commitments and interests.

It is our firm belief that Codea Technologies is the next generation Business Automation Software which adapts to business processes instead of the business processes adapting to software. The power-packed basic package features coupled with the unique customizability features and our strong implementation processes are capable of delivering a time-tested solution tailor-made to end-user requirements in the shortest time and in the smoothest fashion.

Quiq POS Supports regular, Direct & Counter Sales functioning, Global menu concept, Menu groups / sub group, Option to set up multiple price for same menu at multiple locations, Supports reservation & room service. Instant KOT options in a single key stroke, Void / amend / transfer KOT, Search KOT, N.C.KOT costing. Remote kitchen printing, Food Costing, Cost and Sales budgets, Stock maintenance at the Bar / Kitchen, Daily, weekly or monthly stock entry and variation reports.

  • Flexible Settlement methods
  • Supports direct billing
  • Split and transfer bills
  • Item based split billing
  • Modify / Void bills
  • Multiple tax structure
  • Customized discount structures

  • Sales day book / collection summary
  • Settlement summary
  • Income head wise sales
  • Tax collection
  • Bill / cashier summary
  • NC kot detail
  • Cash shift details
  • User management
  • Order taking devices
  • Interfaces to Touch screens, POS Terminals etc

Some of important Quiq POS reports:

  • Sales Daybook – user defined report
  • Settlement summaries by cashier
  • Tax related reports
  • Popularity analysis report
  • In house consumption by department, group and data wise
  • Table and steward wise summary
  • Discount register and summary
  • Tips settlement summary etc
  • Multi Restaurant order/billing operation using a common station
  • Single Key (hot keys) for Billing frequently used menu items
  • Direct Bill option for Room Service
  • Guest attributes like VIP / Complimentary: Likes/Dislikes display
  • while Guest Room Service order screen operates
  • Splitting of quantity during Billing
  • Splitting of Bills during Bill print
  • Attributing discounts and tax exemption at Bill level
  • Linking Multiple Tables for a consolidate Bill
  • Direct postings to – Front Office Folios / A/R Accounts / Staff Accounts
  • User defined Bill print formats for different outlets
  • User defined Sales Reports
  • Modifiers and remote printers of KOT / NCKOT
  • Table Trnsfers/Session Transfers
  • KOT Audit
  • Multiple grouping of Menu items
  • Points of Sale Guest History
  • Selective Bill print option on Split Bills
  • Auto initialization of Bill numbers as per user request
  • Interfaced to F & B Costing modules
  • Flexibility in attributing unique taxes to specific restaurants
  • User – defined text printing on bill
  • Statistical and Analytical reports

Other features of the F&B Costing Module include

  • Inter kitchen transfers (issued to one kitchen but used by another)
  • Inter cost transfers (between food to be average)
  • Item transfers (converting an item from one state to another)
  • Standard v/s Actual consumption
  • Cost and Sales budgets
  • Stock maintenance at the Bar / Kitchen
  • Daily, weekly or monthly stock entry and variation reports