Hospital and Health Management Software

(The Complete Hospital Management Software)

CURE is a comprehensive hospital management system that computerises principal operational and administrative functions in a hospital. It is modularly designed enabling computerisation in phases. CURE generated extensive management reports and statistics and offers a powerful query system. From the operational point of view,

it facilitated recording and reporting of Out-patient and In-patient events, from registration, admission to discharge. CURE updates its database and all related information on the basis of a single point input principle.CURE, as a powerful information processing system, provides valuable management information. Extensive reports and statistics cover Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly and Annual historical information with detailed analysis. Regular "system alerts" on expiring drugs serve notice to management.

CURE Modules

  • Pharmacy
  • Out-patient management
  • In-patient management
  • Lab and other diagnostic centers
  • Surgery management
  • Nursing student's data management
  • Enquiry / Appointment management
  • Financial accounting
  • Payroll
  • General Inventory
  • MIS

General Features

  • Totally integrated.
  • Multi-level data security.
  • Easy to use pull down menus.
  • User definable color, printer etc..
  • Compatibility with any xBase platforms.
  • Multi-level system security.
  • Powerful backup, restore and other housekeeping routines.
  • Hotkey based event management.
  • Codeless data capture.
  • Built-in graphs for management analysis.