IFleet- Fleet Management Software

Main Features
  • Codea Technologies Fleet Dimensions Fleet management software
  • Codea Technologies Tracking Dimensions Online vehicle tracking Software
  • Fleet Management & Online Reservation Software for Passenger transportation Companies

Codea Technologies Fleet Dimensions- An Organised Way of Managing the Fleet

Like many basic ideas in business, integrating people, processes, and information to optimize a value chain is a powerful concept. Value chains are formal linkages of businesses that can foster cost reductions, improve market efficiencies, enhance customer service, and ultimately improve financial and competitive positions for the organizations participating in the value-chain relationship.

The concept behind optimizing the entire value chain in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is both elegant and simple:

Get the right goods, delivered at the right place , in the right time and for the right price. Dimensions Logisoft’s Fleet Dimensions is a transportation management system which provides all the tools you need to reduce costs, coordinate deliveries precisely and deliver more, faster, for less money. Your business requires a global view of transportation across all modes. Inbound or outbound, from bidding to billing,Codea Technologies Fleet Dimensions helps you see it all.



  • Complete Vehicle Information
  • Proactive PM Alerts
  • Track fuel, driver expenses
  • Loan, lease, insurance premium payment
  • Management of owned/leased vehicles
  • Extensive Reporting System
  • Intuitive User Inteface
  • Tire Management


  • Customer Centric Operations
  • Excellent Documentation
  • Quick Quotation
  • Load/ Trip Planning
  • Dispatch Sheduling and Delivery Handling
  • Management Reporting System


  • Real Time Vehicle Positioning Using GPS
  • Expense Tracking
  • Route Reporting
  • Fuel Log
  • Speed, Stops, Stoppage Duration Tracking
  • Start/Stop, Day Reports and Fleet Status Reports
  • Helpline and Support for Truck Drivers
  • Statistical & Graphical Representation of Trips


  • Stock Details
  • Inventory Control Mechanism
  • Receiving, Storing and Issuing
  • Inventory Validation Mechanism

Managers working inside enterprises today face a curious conflict: while business systems provide more data than ever, managers still lack actionable data about critical business processes and events Tracking fleet in real time is the biggest challenge for fleet managers


  • Centralized Administrative Controls
  • Trouble-free Installations
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Service History
  • Real time Vehicle Positioning
  • Trip Log & more