Commercial Airlines

Low Cost carriers are the mode of commercial operations that require highly efficient work process with minimal investment. The Low Cost Carriers have huge market competition, increasing fuel prices as commercial airlines and are facing the challenge of maintaining the customer satisfaction and compliance with reporting systems. Low Cost Carriers have to reduce their operational cost drastically in order to increase profitability while facing all the market challenges. Here comes Codea Technologies Aviation Suite that covers the entire processes of aviation business with focus on Low Cost carriers.

It covers the entire Aviation operations including Maintenance planning, Online Journey Reporting, Inventory Management, Financial management etc. It helps the Low Cost Airlines to operate efficiently with less manpower providing information access and precision as well as compliance with regulatory requirements.

Codea Technologies Aviation suite Advantage for LLC’s

  • Increase in Operational Efficiency with minimum investment or limited man power
  • Performance monitoring ability
  • Compliance with regulatory report submission requirements
  • User friendly application interfaces

Codea Technologies Aviation Suite- Features and benefits

  • Comprehensive Maintenance and Engineering Solution
  • Codea Technologies Aviation Suite ensures an integrated Maintenance and Engineering solution that controls all your operations and ensures comprehensive reporting.

  • Helps in effective Planning
  • It ensures effective inventory management with precise data regarding resources and materials and notifies their requirement at the right time.

  • Enhanced Information System
  • There will be easy accessibility to data regarding stock, reporting etc. which will help the personnel to perform their activities effectively and easily.

  • Effective Management of Critical Areas
  • Codea Technologies Aviation Suite offers effective management of store operations, technical records, procurement operations, Resource planning etc. with limited man power.

  • Adherence to Regulatory Control
  • Information and reporting automation helps in preparation of compliance reports and adherence to other regulatory requirements

  • Power by Hour model-
  • Code Aviation Suite manages PBH agreements for a type of part or list of parts for suppliers. In this model payment is made monthly basis based on usage of the part which is integrated with inventory data also.