Enterprise Mobile Analytics

The i-Detailing framework is a mobile/ tablet based solution for enterprise field sales personnel to effectively demonstrate and explain product details to decision makers. The solution is tailored for use by field staff (medical representatives, sales personnel, etc.), whereby product detailscan be quickly accessed and demonstrated with the help of a detailing application installed on mobile/ tablet device. The solution replaces conventional sales collateral (printed product brochures, PowerPoint presentations) into visually rich and interactive tablet based applications. The i-Detailing framework is an ideal solution for sales organizations of various industries (Pharmaceutical, Retail, Automotive, etc.)
The key differentiator of the i-Detailing application is that the interactivity and effectiveness of the application boosted with the help of: Visually appealing and interactive slides

  • Animated graphs and charts
  • Dynamic highlighting
  • Contextual Q&A
  • Multi-Media Content (images, videos and audio)
  • Easy to access reference information (PDF files, external links)

The application can also help track the effectiveness of field staff as well as the application slides by means of integrated analytics. As the application is used, it send usage information to backend analytics system which can provide vital information from the field such as:

  • Slide view analysis: Number of views, time spent per slide, etc.
  • Application usage reports: Application access details per sales personnel, time spent, etc.